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We are the people who speak the same language that Jesus Christ spoke.

Assyrian Food Festival History

Assyrian cuisine is similar to other Middle Eastern cuisines. It is rich in grains, meat, tomato, and potato. Rice is usually served with every meal accompanied by a stew which is typically poured over the rice. Tea is typically consumed at all times of the day with or without meals alone or as a social drink. Cheese, crackers, biscuits, baklawa, or other snacks are often served alongside the tea as appetizers.

Dietary restrictions may apply during special holidays in which certain types of foods may not be consumed; often meaning animal-derived. However, unlike their Muslim or Jewish neighbors of the countries they originated from, they may consume pork or alcohol though pork is not a staple in the diet and is shunned by many. There are hold-overs from the Old Testament in which people slaughter animals a certain way and where some animals are considered unclean such as the aforementioned swine. The story of Jesus casting the demonic Legions into pigs that went over the cliff is a popular reason for some Assyrians not to eat pork. Alcohol on the other hand is rather popular specifically in the form of Arak. ( excerpt from wikipedia )

Assyrian Cuisine
Assyrian Cuisine