Family fun

Come and experience the culture, food, dance, and the music.

The Dance

Assyrian folk dances will be performed by the youth of Mar Yosip Parish at the festival. The group consists of two different age groups: kids under 13 and youth over 13 years old. They have been prepared for several weeks by Domarina for the festival. The festival dance group is a great opportunity for Assyrian children to learn different Assyrian dance steps at a young age. Assyrian folk dances are one of the significant aspects of the Assyrian culture that are passed on to the next generations.

They are mostly line dances that are performed while holding hands. Today, there are about thirty different dances that are being performed by Assyrians around the world. They consist of different steps, simple or complicated, and different beats, fast or slow, which help make Assyrian dancing possible for everyone including old people. Come and join in the Assyrian dance lines at the festival. Learn, dance, and enjoy the experience.

Assyrian Dance
Assyrian Dance