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The Original Samovar Alley and Assyrian Coffee Café

A place to experience true Assyrian culture. This Alley is a showcase of an array of very fine desserts with the emphasis on well brewed tea, or as Assyrians call it “Chai” this is the focal point for Assyrian social gatherings.

Tea is so widely consumed that it is generally the first thing offered to a household guest. It can be sweetened, either with sugar “Gent”, fruits or fine preserves “Mooreba”. Assyrian tea is always served hot, even in hot weather or as a thirst–quencher. One cannot imagine Assyrian tea without the samovar, adopted in the 13th century. The samovar is a combination of bubbling hot water heater and teapot on top. In summer the samovar is placed on a table in the garden; in the winter, inside, with a long pipe for the smoke to escape directly into the chimney of the house. . This has created all–day tea–drinking traditions, from sipping tea from ornate glasses in the traditional teahouses to samovars central in almost every home and gathering place.

Next to this is the Assyrian Coffee Café, also a wonderful aromatic experience. Assyrian coffee is a true delight to energize the weary traveler or to stimulate a warm summer night - served with a small pastry on the side.


Samovar Alley